“Grace” Does Love Song

I am embarrassed to fuck by this! And I will absolutely CRINGE at the thought of anyone listening to it (Scott – don’t you get ANY ideas of doing ANYTHING with this!) – but, it was fun also.

Let me explain it.

I started working on compiling my post for Love Song for Minds Music Monday. There’s no way it’ll be ready in time for tomorrow – it’ll be posted next Monday. But starting my research unearthed an interesting thread to take about the song’s early development. All will be revealed next week.

But in the meantime it had me thinking about how Love Song would have sounded had Grace Jones covered it. Furthermore it begs the question as to WHY Grace has never covered a Simple Minds song?!

Why Grace, why?

Well, here’s my INCREDIBLY EMBARRASSING attempt at vocalising what (only a bit – there was NO WAY I was going to do the whole song like that!) a Grace Jones voiced Love Song might have sounded like.

BE KIND! (Because I know I won’t be to myself.)

(Imagine it over a musical accompaniment akin to “I’ve Seen That Face Before (Libertango)” – except I would NO WAY be able to do the French stuff!)

Dressed For Down Under…

I saw this photo of Jim wearing flip flops (what we Aussies call “thongs”) some years back.

I thought…”Well, he’s in the thongs…so he’s already in the right footwear. Let’s ‘accessorise’ him a bit.”

So, here we are! Jim’s ready for Oz!

Wish I was! Short of some miracle…it ain’t happening 🙁

So, here’s the distraction and fun. Tarting up the mister to be an Aussie bloke. Lol

Even dressed in thongs, budgie smugglers and a cork hat…I would. Lol. I would no matter what he was wearing! Wearing nothing at all would be ideal! 🤤😉
(Maybe you can keep the cork hat on. Lol)

Ahem! Anyway…


The Fear And The Confusion…

A couple of screengrabs that just…availed themselves as I was trying for a good still to use for the Home lyric piece.

Too good to just leave on Facebook. These cracked me up. My Facebook blurb explaining them, below…

Was capturing screenshots to work on an idea.

Pic one: When he sees me coming…

Pic two: When I say something…

(I make my own merriment)

More on GenEric V.2

In stages…

In the end he became a poster boy for a fictional Manicure/Pedicure place. I WAS going to actually WRITE on the pad, on the work directly…but anyone who knows me well enough, probably knows I suck even HARDER at actually writing a sentence without a spelling mistake or dislexic like brain fuck up than I do at this “art” lark…so I imputed the text digitally. And…it went a bit silly in the end. Lol. But hey! It’s been a fun afternoon/evening. Lol

In the end, I couldn’t even do doll hands! Lol. What I had in my head for the hand & subsuquent foot was VERY different. Happy accidents! That’s how I’ll defend it.