A Birthday In Bloom

This blog is positively AWASH with photos of a certain birthday boy, so instead of adding more images to that, I’d like to share photos of a rose we bought at a garden centre in Milngavie a few months back.

It’s been coming along very nicely since we bought it and now it’s in full bloom.

We bought two roses. One is called Let There Be Love (any guesses as to why that particular one caught my attention?) and the one pictured below is called Happy Birthday.

So…Happy Birthday, Jim. I hope you have a wonderful day.

One thought on “A Birthday In Bloom

  1. Nice rose. I pray he is keeping safe and well. I have not seen him since our intuitive session in 85. I hope he is writing and that he and Charlie get to do something with Kate Bush. The last time I met with her was in the early 90’s. It would be great to here that they got together as well with Peter Gabriel. It is time to tell the truth with and trough music. Please get my message to him if you can. Thank-you so very much. Tell him I am so glad he has still got Sarah . I told him to keep her. Love the Drummer…. All the best Jim…. Sage

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