Minds Music Monday – Promised You A Miracle – Top Of The Pops

Sometimes you DO just want the hits. I have always liked Promised You A Miracle – loooong before even being a fairweather Simple Minds fan, let alone this….monstrosity of a fan I am now! Lol

And I love just about every version of the song, bar one.

Deciding on which version to share for this post today, I very nearly chose the live version from the 5×5 Live album, because I love that audible laugh from Jim as he starts singing the first verse. He just sounds sssooo in his element and that he’s having the most fantastic time – and so do the crowd. Geez, I wish ssooo much I had been around for that tour!

I thought about maybe a Kid Jensen radio session, or the US Dub Mix of it. But in the end I plumbed for that glorious debut of theirs on TOTP.

Jim is definitely NOT a mimer. Lol (Charlie is pretty stellar at it though. Lol)

Again, the big appeal is, well, one…he just looks fucking fit as fuck! The boots, the white outfit, the dyed black hair, the pale skin, the make up…just GGGGRRRRRRR!!!

But it is also this…

I have been intrigued by and loved this fleeting broad smile – almost a quick giggle – from the first time I saw this TOTP performance. I used to think Jim saw someone in the small audience around him doing something odd that made him giggle.

But now I think I see that it’s just that he’s having a giggle at what must be the visibly (to him) frustrated cameraman having to fight to keep up with where Jim’s bouncing off to. Lol.

Having watched it…I dunno…a few hundred times now, I really do think Jim’s just thinking “I’m making you work for your crust, pal. ‘Mon! Keep up!” Lol

But I love that smile. I think his smile radiates like no other. My heart feels like its fit to bursting when I see Jim smile, or hear him giggle.

God, I adore you, Kerr! Lol

Oh, I wish I could make him laugh – from actually being funny and having a quick wit…not from being pathetic and ridiculous and him deriving joy from ridiculing or mocking me, or being snide.

Just…that I was actually naturally funny not…a fool.

2 thoughts on “Minds Music Monday – Promised You A Miracle – Top Of The Pops

  1. Your last sentence about Jim mocking you etc is this true has Jim really mocked and ridiculed you ?

    • I don’t know. Perhaps it’s just gentle ribbing and I’m just oversensitive. That he means it in a teasing way and I take it that he’s mocking me.
      I guess I’m lucky to even get that in all honesty.

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