***SPOILER ALERT*** It’s About “The Damn Book”

I don’t discuss any individual fans contributions at all, but I do discuss certain elements in the book – so if you want a full surprise of what’s inside for your Christmas Day, or own reading enjoyment… DON’T WATCH THE VIDEO!

And below will be my own entry in the book, so…

Well, I shared my email, so you know what I contributed, but this will be the printed, truncated version as it appears on the page in the book – page 203.

2 thoughts on “***SPOILER ALERT*** It’s About “The Damn Book”

  1. I was thinking, and you might have realised this yourself L, but is the exclusion of your artwork not down to copyright issues and all that malarkey ? It seems so obvious to include it to enhance your story. This possibility just occurred to me when I was out walking the other day lol random 🙂

    • Yes. It is most likely to be the reason behind it. And I was aware that would probably be the case before I even submitted my story but I out it forward anyway, just in the vain hope there might have been some work around. A shame that it probably wasn’t possible – not without a sum of money going to To, Sheehan (the photographer who took the photo of Jim) or trying source, trace and seek permission of whomever would have had the authority for the painting image to be used.
      Perhaps I should have submitted my completely redesigned replica of it? (I drew the snow scene from scratch and applied a Japanese maple leaf to the foreground of my drawing and used a video still from Jim when SM performed on The Tube in 1982 to superimpose upon it.) I could have explained that it was a replica of the creation. Damn! Hindsight is a wonderful thing! Oh, well. (And yep, I only just thought of that!)

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