Minds Music Monday – Bass Line (White Hot Day – Instrumental)

I am a word lover – a lyrics lover. But I also love Simple Minds instrumentals…but I tend to love the dedicated instrumentals most…Kant Kino, Somebody Up There Likes You, Androgyny, Year Of The Dragon, Theme For Great Cities…Veldt! (although it does have some strange vocalisation on it…so I suppose Veldt is not STRICTLY an instrumental) – and often avoid the instrumental versions of songs that ended up with vocals – Sound In 70 Cities, This Earth That You Walk Upon, etc.

But there are a few instrumentals of that ilk that I love as much as the lyrical version…ones that show what timing Jim has with his vocals. Like a lot of pop/rock singers, he may not be the strongest of vocalists, technically, but one of his strengths is impeccable timing. A case in point…White Hot Day. The time sequence of the song is…unorthodox. And each time I listen to Bass Line, I am floored by the timing that Jim keeps with his vocal to it.

So, this week for MMM I provide TWO clips. The first being Bass Line. The second being Jim’s isolated vocal on White Hot Day.


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