And I Thought “Joe Kerr” Was A Joke!

Some time back, I’d read a reference to a “Joe Kerr” and I was like “Pffft! As if! His parents wouldn’t be so cruel to have a son and name him Joe!”

And Jim would make references about a house of FOUR boys…and I would think “you…Paul…Mark…unless you’re counting your dad in…who’s the fourth boy?”

I would never have dared ask! That’s his personal, private life. Nowt to do with me. But, it had me intrigued none the less. Natural curiosity. But, well…here we are! The pieces to the puzzle solved!

A shame they got his mum’s name wrong…but we all make mistakes…but it’s a glaring one. But, what an amazing thing his parents did.

And…HE COULD HAVE TOLD ME JOE LIVES IN WINDSOR NOW! Lol. Just so I could have been more informed that MAYBE a Caezar gig would take place down here in southern England. Oh, well…never mind. I like to spend more money than I have. And TWO Caezar gigs will be better than one…

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