Caezar Coming

While the next gig on the agenda is mere days away in Aix, and the sense of trepidation for the impending trip builds manifold, the gigs following will see me at two Caezar gigs.

Today on their Facebook page, Caezar talked about the playlist they’d like to compile to play pre-gig and threw it open to fans, asking for suggestions. I made a few suggestions, among them La Dusseldorf’s Rheinita.

After a few hours, I had the most lovely message from Joe. After the past 24 hours or so (the past 3 day, really)…it had me in floods of tears. Well…the tears come and go in waves. But Joe’s message did me in. I actually properly sobbed.

I can’t tell you what a horrible person I am feeling right now. No one will get it. I don’t care if anyone does. There’s only one person I WANT to care about it and I hurt him 😔

Apart from all that…I want this to be a push for Caezar. They are amazing. Joe and JJ have made some really beautiful music together, and JJ’s voice is phenomenal.

If anyone coming to this blog is interested in it for its music content and suggestions…I highly recommend Caezar. Below is a link to their FB post regarding the music choices for the pre-gig playlist.

Why not take a look, get involved…give these lovely men and their wonderful music a listen. I’ll be hailing Caezar at The Old Court in Windsor on July 21st, and again at Oran Mor in Glasgow on July 27th. I’m really looking forward to both.

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