Vinyl Gains

Although it was Record Store Day today, there was also a record fair gong on in nearby Harpenden. I went and had a perusal. Didn’t really find too much. First thing I saw when I walked in was this…

Lol. He’s following me now! Naughty Bry!

My selection of goodies acquired. I had Making Movies for years on CD, but never owned it on vinyl. I wanted to have a copy again. Looove The Police. Used to own all their albums and then moved to the UK. Not really owned anything since I moved here, so couldn’t pass up grabbing Zenyatta Mondatta for £3.

Street Fighting Years…yep, FINALLY bought a copy for the collection. It was in good nick for £3. Why not. I thought that seeing as I’m going up to Glasgow to see Caezar in July, I might as well put a little something of Joe Donnelly and JJ Gilmour’s former band in the basket.

The final two were in a 50p bargain box. I love my Carpenters. I love Karen. How could I pass it up for 50p?! It was in really good nick too. The Peaches and Herb thing made me nostalgic for Oz, the 90s, Priscilla: Queen of the Desert. I know. Lol. There you go.

All that for £15. I’m happy with that 🙂

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