Vinyl Gains

Although it was Record Store Day today, there was also a record fair gong on in nearby Harpenden. I went and had a perusal. Didn’t really find too much. First thing I saw when I walked in was this…

Lol. He’s following me now! Naughty Bry!

My selection of goodies acquired. I had Making Movies for years on CD, but never owned it on vinyl. I wanted to have a copy again. Looove The Police. Used to own all their albums and then moved to the UK. Not really owned anything since I moved here, so couldn’t pass up grabbing Zenyatta Mondatta for £3.

Street Fighting Years…yep, FINALLY bought a copy for the collection. It was in good nick for £3. Why not. I thought that seeing as I’m going up to Glasgow to see Caezar in July, I might as well put a little something of Joe Donnelly and JJ Gilmour’s former band in the basket.

The final two were in a 50p bargain box. I love my Carpenters. I love Karen. How could I pass it up for 50p?! It was in really good nick too. The Peaches and Herb thing made me nostalgic for Oz, the 90s, Priscilla: Queen of the Desert. I know. Lol. There you go.

All that for £15. I’m happy with that 🙂

If I Can Fulfil One Ambition…Perhaps Another Can Follow?

But, don’t they always say “never meet your heroes”? And, well…there is so much more to it than that for me. And I would never want to have that feeling of being “just another fan”. But how could I be anything else? There are hordes of us! I’m just another face in the crowd.

To make myself want to stand out, for good (I hope) or ill (the more likely case), is egotism at its highest, is it not? Maybe. I don’t know. Perhaps I just want that feeling of love being reciprocated?

And so, perhaps it is best if one dream remains unfulfilled. Better for it to remain in one’s dreams, perhaps?