Throwback Thursday (Kerrsday)

Yeah, okay…it only happened two days ago…and I was reluctant to post it here…but it is always just so bloody lovely when it happens. I’ve spent the past 48 hours walking about at various intervals saying “I’m a youngster, you know”. Lol. (Today my knackered old body is VERY MUCH telling me otherwise!) Though it does feel like it turns into a somewhat backhanded compliment “your brain had not developed to take in the complexities of such stuff, girl child”. Lol. I actually did want to say in my reply “OH, STOP FLIRTING (DON’T STOP FLIRTING!)” – but thought better of it. I could have gone with “flattery will get you everywhere”…erm…but well, no need for that, it would be open bloody season anyways. Lol.

It goes without saying, and I didn’t say it the other day, but I will now. Thank you for replying, Sir 🙂

And I have continued my exploration. I listened to Avonmore…the version he shared but maybe will listen to the original album version too…and perhaps even the whole album. Push the boat out.

Last night I listened to For Your Pleasure, then went back to the eponymous debut. As a result, this has been today’s earworm.

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