Ragtime Bry

A new release from Bryan Ferry at the end of November…inspired by his soundtrack work for the Netflix series Berlin Babylon. It sounds like it could be a goodun. I wonder if next year’s world tour will be airing this kind of vibe too?

Would really love to hear how Sea Breezes sounds. Only about five weeks to wait…

click the album image for more details


The Dreaming…

That is going on with this info…

Imma just gonna leave this here and just…CROSS EVERYTHING!

Initially I was thinking about seeing him in Berlin next year, for Bowie Berlin bucket list mega tick off…

Oh, but if Bryan did Oz…and SM were there too?! HOLY FUCKING FUCKNUTS!

The Birth Of Glam Rock – Classic Rock Magazine

A fabulous read…from the eyes of those involved and those on its periphery.

But Is It Any Good?

I am loving this song SSSOOOO much right now, I felt compelled to try something out for it. I kind of got what I had in my mind visually to work…sorta…I dunno. Can’t tell. Everything looks so amazing fully formed in my head, and then I try to replicate what’s there and it rarely matches what I have.
If I could be the visual artist I am in my mind’s eye, I’d be FUCKING AMAZING! Lol