Don’t You Forget About Arcade Fire At The Hydro!

Oh, shit a proverbial brick! Look who was at the Hydro with Arcade Fire tonight!

Bloody hell!

4 thoughts on “Don’t You Forget About Arcade Fire At The Hydro!

  1. The show was incredible to start with but thought the roof was going to come off with Jim’s arrival. One of the best live shows I’ve ever been to and feel honoured to have seen that collaboration.

    • Jim has been strangely quiet about it today (and kept schtum beforehand…which was not how it was when he joined Trevor Horn at Rewind last year…he dropped hints left, right and centre then. Lol). I’d have thought he be bragging his head off about it today.

      • Maybe they’re still partying? It was bound to be a heavy night after the last show of the tour 😉 Though the crowd erupted for Jim, the seating area I was in was a bit pants. Nobody, and I mean nobody, stood up in our entire block other than my daughter and I until Jim came on to save the day. How anyone of able body can sit during an Arcade Fire gig is beyond me. We couldn’t get standing as daughter is underage. Be interesting to hear Jim’s take on it last night. Truly special collaboration.

        • Geez…sounds like what was happening last year at Simple Minds’ Acoustic gigs. Some of the ones I went to, not a single person wanted to stand up. Sorry you and your daughter were in such a crappy section…for audience participation anyway. The gig looked AMAZING. And, well, Mister has subsequently been on the SM Facebook page talking about it. Think he’s a bit happy 🙂 Who can blame him? He’s off to see Bryan Ferry tonight now. Alright for some! 🙂

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