Not as in the Aussie greeting, but as in “Gee Day”…the day for me to travel up to Glasgow once again. I set out in a few hours and arrive at Glasgow Central station at 5.01pm. First port of call will be the Jury’s Inn on Jamaica Street…then a quick call to the HMV in Argyle Street before it closes…familiarise myself with the place before next fortnight 🙂

After that…up to Renfield Street/Hope Street for food and culture. The Flying Duck for a vegan bite and the Theatre Royal for Ibsen’s Hedda Gabler. Then…back to the hotel for a good rest and hopefully a peaceful night’s sleep.

What follows…I cannot say…

But what follows in this post is a LOVELY cleaned up copy of SM “performing” (miming) SSIS on Belgian TV. I had previously only seen the very crappiest of copies of this (and not a full version of it, either). Now, Jim is there in full awkward glory! He don’t half look self-conscious! Lol.

Getting Simple Minds to mime is an OUTRAGE! Oh, but the visuals are GLORIOUS! Mr. Kerr, you are far too beautiful…even in your self-conscious, awkward gloriousness! I adore you ❤️

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