You Got The Long Nights

Back in 1985/6 when I bought my copy of Once Upon A Time, it was Ghostdancing that was my favourite track…followed by Sanctify Yourself, followed by Alive And Kicking. And I was a very, very bad girl at the time, and didn’t like Come A Long Way much and would skip it. Oops!

That changed when I became Uber fan. Not only did I realise what a fab song Come A Long Way *actually* is (it never gets skipped now!) but it reignited a like for Oh Jungleland…actually, it was a newfound flame that shot up to having it surpass A&K as my third place track…and at times it has surpassed even Sanctify and Ghostdancing as the top draw for OUAT. 

And, well…it’s in my Top 50, so it is due a “Why I Love…” piece on it. And I may do just that!

In the meantime, Jim’s post was wonderful…

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