The Dark Flowers – When Stars Fall EP

It was 2013 when The Dark Flowers project came into being (perhaps 2012…this EP is labelled as being released in 2012). The mastermind behind it was Paul Statham. A beautiful collection of music and he got together some amazing collaborators for the project…Jim and Catherine being two of them (and consequently how Catherine ended up involved with Simple Minds…from my understanding).

I have been enjoying listening to these collections for some time on Spotify but I really wanted to get me a copy of the EP as This Boy’s Life and Night Is The New Day are my faves of the tracks Jim did. I thought I would have to source a copy from eBay or Discogs due to the time that had elapsed since release. 

I searched the web via Google and to my utter surprise, the EP was being sold as a CD on bandcamp. It was on a limited edition run of 200 and AMAZINGLY there were still 18 copies left!! I secured a copy in the early hours of this morning. I am SO looking forward to having this! Cannot wait! Now to just get me a copy of Radioland (which I still need to do) and all will be good :-))

Click to go to bandcamp site.

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