Dream Given!

simpleminds.org – aka Dream Giver Redux – has been my ABSOLUTE Simple Minds bible for these past four years. Esp. in the early days of my fandom. Daily visits…devouring voraciously the wealth of information on the site. It was utterly invaluable and helped me learn so much about the history of the band and a lot of the vinyl, magazine and newspaper cuttings and general memorabilia I have collected was referenced on here. And, without it…my art would not have flourished…without all the lyrics printed there.

It is still a site I visit on a regular basis.

So, today I am a very happy bunny. Humbled and honoured to have had a name check and my own blog mentioned on the site. Just…AMAZING! Thank you so, so much Simon for the nod! I can’t express what it means…genuinely.

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