What *IS* The Gripe?

There are some obvious VERY UNHAPPY fans out there…and I’m trying to work out why…

A) This notion you needed to make a purchase to get a code for pre-sale tickets. NO YOU DIDN’T. I preordered because I WANTED TO! The album already just visually looks STUNNING…I can see all kinds of influences in the artistry and, the work of Heitor Magno is…just, perfect. Yeah, I still wish it was me…but it was NEVER GONNA HAPPEN….



B) The band line up and the asking for clarity on the SMO visitor wall. I’m not sure how much clearer Jim can be! He must just want to bang these fans heads together. SERIOUSLY!

I AM NOT GOING TO AIR THESE VIEWS ON THE SM FAN PAGES because, frankly, I just don’t want to get caught in the endless arguments.


Derek Forbes has not been a part of Simple Minds since 1985 – that is 32 YEARS!

Michael MacNeil has not been part of Simple Minds since 1991 – that’s 26 YEARS!

Jim talked about Cherisse being a current fixture in the line up. He thanked Andy Gillespie for his involvement with Simple Minds.


As Jim has been saying recently…pretty much for the past 12 months, since the start of the Acoustic project…either you’re with them or not. You evolve or not. You accept change or just fade away in stagnation.

ADMITTEDLY…I sometimes took his words as a personal slight because I thought he was trying to subtly denote he was tired of my “art” (tat) … but I see now I was stuck in my own world and much more was going on than that. Ok…he probably still was sick of me and it…and that’s his prerogative. It was hurting me…but, I’ll get over it in time. It was all very lovely while it lasted, and you want it to go on forever because…your hero, your muse…the man you adore pays you attention, takes notice of you, and loves something you are doing. You feel amazing, creative, talented…things you NEVER thought would apply to you. So, yes…it has taken time to come to terms with things…but I bear NO ILL WILL and have absolutely NO REGRETS.

I still have faith in myself and my art. Art is subjective and I can’t make Jim like the stuff I do…and there are people who DO like the stuff I do. And…it was Jim who gave me the initial belief in myself to keep at it…and to progress. I’d have never even ATTEMPTED painting without him giving me that encouragement. I’d have still been “painting by numbers”.

I may not be on the Simple Minds bus as I would like…but I am FULLY ONBOARD. Even if it means buying my own ticket, or indeed, am stuck in the clapped-out bus following on behind.

I am a supporter, not a dissident.

I still love the band and its many facets. Perhaps being the “Johnny come lately” fan is now showing its benefits? I don’t have these “allegiances” that other fans do to other members. When I became a fan, to me it was clear that the band nucleus lies with Jim and Charlie. Kerr and Burchill – that’s Simple Minds for me.

That’s my final two pence worth on this.

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