The Stranglers – SHIT HOT!

The first gig of the year absolutely DID NOT disappoint. OMG The Stranglers are frigging AWESOME!!! Just sssooo tight and so ON THE MONEY – right from the off!

I just lost myself in what was the most amazing performance of Golden Brown, EVER! No Skin Deep this time…or Duchess, but still absolutely stonking! 

I took a little bit of footage…so unlike me…but caught the bit where young fan (who I had spotted earlier in the evening, and mentioned on my Facebook timeline) Stephanie Walker gets mentioned by Baz – sharing a birthday with him, no less! Her 12th birthday – and she’s at a Stranglers gig?! WHAT A GIRL!!!

Also the general mayhem of Baz’s “fuck up” and the crowd’s (and JJ’s) birthday wishes to him. All fab stuff. 

Support act Ruts DC were also pretty fabulous. Was so glad we made it there to see them.

A fab night – I will see even more Stranglers gigs in future. Guaranteed! Might even see Stephanie there again :-)))

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