Regrets – I Have A Few…

The biggest one being: not becoming a mega Minds fan just 2 years earlier than I did (or that it didn’t gel for me when I first tried in 2006…gave up after not really liking Life In A Day too much – and how that changed once I gave it more time in 2014! It’s still not my most fave Minds album…but there are tracks I love and I hear the OOZING potential).

I would have loved this tour so, so much! 

I have finally scored myself a copy (a rather pristine copy, I must say!) of the 5×5 Live box set. It is now, bizarrely, out of print – which seems daft to me.

I’d also love to see Yvonne Bird’s suggestion of 5×5 Live being produced on coloured vinyl, in a limited run for Record Store Day 2017, come to fruition. I’ll definitely be lined up outside the local HMV for that one (I have vouchers to use…otherwise I’d go to an independent store for sure)!

In the meantime, I will continue to live in eternal regret that I couldn’t expereince at least ONE of these gigs by being there.

4 thoughts on “Regrets – I Have A Few…

    • I would say to check out the album New Gold Dream – it is…a masterpiece. Also the albums Sons And Fascination and Sister Feelings Call.
      You can listen to most of their albums on Spotify and Deezer, or through Apple Music. And there are plenty of links to YouTube clips to favourite songs on my blog.

        • Perhaps I will. Thanks.
          I was only thinking, you may know Simple Minds from their biggest hits Don’t You (Forget About Me) – used on The Breakfast Club film soundtrack, or for Alive And Kicking, a hit from their album Once Upon A Time (which is also a great one to listen to). They’ve released 17 albums to date and are about to celebrate their 40th anniversary. There’s a lot of stuff to listen to. Dive in!

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