Throwback (Kerrsday) Thursday – Gig Review

A gig review of the boys performing at the Marquee in London on December 18th, 1980.

I’m not really sure this guy gets them. Or maybe he thinks the AUDIENCE doesn’t get them? From his description of the crowd, perhaps they don’t? OK, the guys sounded kind of dark then…but they are GLORIOUS! This guy really does seem to interpret their music as bleak, though. Which is rather sad. He’s not selling them right IMHO. 

But I do love what he says about Jim. Described in a way that reveals every bit of why I love this man at that time as a performer (I still love his style…but it’s SSOO very different to how it was). Ice cool and glorious! WHAT A MAN! Grrrrr! And the reviewer is making Celebrate sound sexy AF (as it always is!) 

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