As Dorothy Said To Aunty Em…

“There’s no place like home.” A much used quote lifted from The Wizard Of Oz. But it rings true. And it certainly seemed to have rung true on the nights of November 18th and 19th, 1982.

Simple Minds had just returned to Glasgow after another whirlwind stint of touring to the far reaches of the globe (yes, GLOBE – no “flat earth” conspiracy theorists here! Have ANY of these flat-earthers NEVER been on a plane? How do they explain the curvature of the earth and the horizon? I digress!) – heading back to Australia, New Zealand and Canada directly after the release of New Gold Dream.

I was looking into fanzines on eBay last night, after having seen an enquiring post on my FB feed about a certain Scottish produced fanzine. I thought I’d have a hunt around the interwebs and see what I could find. I decided on eBay first and got caught up looking at fanzines on there. One in particular caught my eye. One called Deadbeat. I looked at the listing of every issue and viewed the images, trying to scan and find more info on the fanzine production itself more than anything.

No one was then more surprised than me to find within the shared images of one listing of the magazine – THIS! A review of Simple Minds playing Tiffany’s in November, 1982. It’s unclear as to whether the reviewer is at the first gig or the second, but regardless of that it’s a glowing review.

The only error in the review is that they say Mike Ogletree is on drums. And it wasn’t until I was listening over the bootleg last night did I think to myself “Naw, pal. That ain’t Mike, that’s Mel.” Mike’s last gig was in Toronto about 10 nights prior to this gig. So in actual fact, it was Mel’s first or second night at the kit – depending on which night the reviewer was there.

They wax lyrical about Jim. Such praise! Excited at my discovery of this review last night I did a very rare thing (these days) and posted it to SMOG first with a link to Art & Talk’s upload of the November 18th gig to YouTube. In my post on SMOG, in reference to the lashings of praise heaped on Jim, I said “anyone would think I wrote the review! Lol.”

It is true though – anyone WOULD think I had time travelled and gone and reviewed it for the fanzine. It is wonderful to see such praise given to His Kerrness though. And it’s certainly nothing I wouldn’t have done myself.

A companion piece for me are the photos I have from Virginia of them playing the second night at Tiffany’s. My favourite photo of the set? One of Jim on the stage – looking pretty fucking sensational, I have to say in signature white collared shirt, shiny tailored trousers and black wee “ballet” shoes. And in the bottom left corner of the frame you can see his brother, Mark, looking as though he would rather be anywhere else than watching his big bro up on stage. Lol. Poor Mark! It’s not in the ones I have posted above, but you can view the particular photo I am referring to on Virginia’s site HERE

Lastly, here is the link to the first of the two Tiffany’s gigs that A&T uploaded. Oh, for a night at Tiffany’s! This is the next best thing…

P.S. Artwork used for the YT ident, eh? *wink* Thanks A&T!

Classic Pop Gig Review – London Palladium – Best Live Show

Ooh, very nice for Classic Pop to give them “best live show” in their July issue. It was one I was at, and it was a belter! But…lol…I do love that Jim is getting a reputation for his “dad dancing”. Quite a contrast from the awkward boy who wouldn’t dance at parties as a teen. I think he’s finally taken the “life’s too short” philosophy. And, of course, as far as he is concerned…when interviewed last year at the Ivors, we all WANT the dad dancing! Lol. Of course we do…you make us all feel capable of dancing too. Lol

Throwback (Kerrsday) Thursday – Gig Review

A gig review of the boys performing at the Marquee in London on December 18th, 1980.

I’m not really sure this guy gets them. Or maybe he thinks the AUDIENCE doesn’t get them? From his description of the crowd, perhaps they don’t? OK, the guys sounded kind of dark then…but they are GLORIOUS! This guy really does seem to interpret their music as bleak, though. Which is rather sad. He’s not selling them right IMHO. 

But I do love what he says about Jim. Described in a way that reveals every bit of why I love this man at that time as a performer (I still love his style…but it’s SSOO very different to how it was). Ice cool and glorious! WHAT A MAN! Grrrrr! And the reviewer is making Celebrate sound sexy AF (as it always is!) 

Gig review of Simple Minds when they performed at The Marquee Club, London, Dec 18th, 1980 (what a Christmas present that would have been!). These gigs just sound SSOOO amazing!! I WANT A TIME MACHINE!!! Gah!!

Earliest gig review for Simple Minds I’ve ever seen. From the Record Mirror (I think) October 28th, 1978. Johnny Waller – you knew a good thing when you saw it, my friend!

Whaaa?! Sounds like a flipping AMAZING gig to me! A review of their gig at the Lyceum on October 26th, 1980.

Too many new songs? Whaaat!! They released the album the month previous! Empires And Dance is bloody wonderful! I’d have died to have heard it all like that back then! Get off your high horse, Bev! Lol

Also, I love how Constantinople Line has been referred to as “Red Star”. Lazy ass reviewer!

As the new CD boxset (and other various formats of release) of Sparkle In The Rain is now imminent, I thought it apt to share a wonderful, positive gig review of the period (no date on the piece, but with the help of the Dream Giver Redux site, I’m guessing it was 2nd March, 1984).After the last few I’ve shared…at last a positive one!

A gig review from June, 1979.

4th paragraph in – OUCH!! But *kinda* constructive. If a review can be both bitchingly scathing yet constructive?! I’m not sure you could quite accuse them of “no stage presence” – I found Jim mesmerising from the outset. And obviously he (the reviewer) was not sold by epics like Pleasantly Disturbed (a very early Minds masterpiece) – but they *did* “experiment and improve” but probably not in the way this guy meant, and certainly *not* by taking “time out”! How on earth is “taking time out” going to help you improve as a live band?! WTF?!

Still, I love sharing these early snippets as I always believe the bhoys get the last laugh.