Kerrsday Thursday – TRITP – Sheer Melting Beauty!

Don’t be put off by the superimposed image reflected on the glass making it look as if his neck is melting. Look beyond! Or just look at that face! He’s RAVISHING! Despite…or IN SPITE of what is going on in that glass reflection, this has to be one of the most beautiful photos of him ever to exist. What an absolutely stunningly beautiful man you are, James Kerr, esq.

They are not singled out in the book, so…

Photography credits: Martin Corbijn, Joelle Depont, Malcolm Garrett, Peter McAthur. Jamie Morgan, P.L. Noble, Sheila Rock, Kerstin Stetler, The Scottish Daily Record and Jaine Henderson. 

Wish I knew for sure who did this one, as they deserve extra special credit.

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