Smiling Gifs – “Ich liebe dich”, Dick

I know it’s not Kerrsday Thursday (so I will add some Charlie too – as he is the master of it!)…but today we need smiles.

This is one of my faves. Simple Minds on American Bandstand and Jim showing off his flirty techniques. Lol. The conversation between him and Dick Clark is so cute…

Jim having just explained that Simple Minds spent much of their early career touring mainland Europe and spending time away from Scotland (as Clark had asked him about how life in Scotland was).

DC: Do you speak any German?

JK: Erm…just, ‘Ich liebe dich’. [grins like a Cheshire cat]

DC: ‘Ich liebe dich’. That’s it. ‘I love you’. Yes indeed…mmm hmm. That’ll get you a long way…or into a lot of trouble.

Wonder how quickly he learned ‘Ti amo’ on that Italian school trip? Probably learned it on the first day (if he didn’t know it already). Outrageous flirt! Lol.

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