to beautiful bowie fans everywhere;



i’ve spent the past 24 hours firstly in denial, then sobbing uncontrollably with my hands shaking and when i was eventually out of shock, drawing and listening to Bowie until i fell asleep (a common way i calm myself down, something else i have to thank Bowie for)

and now, after all of that exhausting grieving, i’ve come to realise that Bowie of course didn’t want to die yet but he certainly didn’t want all of us to be feeling so sad. my mum & my aunty keep reminding me that Bowie had an amazing life, and it’s true, he did. he achieved everything he wanted in his lifetime; he became a famous, worldwide cultural icon, he changed his society and every society after, he found true love and had a beautiful family, he acted and directed and wrote and painted and of course sung and composed and they were all things he valued, everything he wanted out of his life he worked his way towards.

so really, our mourning should now be redirected into celebration. let’s celebrate the amazing life of David Jones, let’s remember old songs and videos as well as enjoy everthing he recently gave to us, and appreciate everything he’s done for this world. Bowie would’ve wanted it that way.

remember when he was just a teenager and he was on tv to stop people abusing men with long hair?
remember when he wore a dress and the whole of england lost their shit?
remember when he bit ronson’s guitar strings for the first time and something so taboo suddenly became so accepted?
remember when he helped other musicians reach their full potential and go on to lead a successful career? (blondie, lou reed, and even lorde to name a few)
remember when he told everyone that we can be heroes just for one day?
remember when he came to australia and ultimately began our decline in racism towards aboriginals with one music video?

remember all of these times please, remember all the wonderful things about David and celebrate them all. everyone; turn up your speakers/record players/cd players/tv’s/phones; wherever your Bowie is, turn him up and let’s dance! let’s show Bowie how thankful we all are that he cared enough to pay Earth a visit 💛

This. I couldn’t put it in better words. Let’s celebrate Bowie’s life and keep his legacy alive!

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!

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