Happy World Laughter Day

Celebrating by sharing a selection of photos of the man with the most beautiful smile and laugh I have ever seen. Geez, I am gone on this bloke ssoooo much. Lol

Photos used by very kind permission of Virginia Turbett.

As I keep telling you peeps, you see a drop in the ocean of the SM archive she has! They are just gorgeous…all of them. (These are low res for sharing purposes.)

Interested in prints? Make enquiries via virginiaturbett.com – she doesn’t bite, I swear!

This one I especially adore as he almost seems embarrassed, trying to stifle his laughter and mask it by covering his face, which frankly makes it all the more adorable. God, this man is frigging cute!

Smiling Gifs – Mandela 90th Birthday Gig

Jim being interviewed at the Mandela 90th Birthday concert, aka 46664.

Jim, recounting how he’d been privileged to meet Mandela on several occasions and that this time every act on the bill was getting a chance of a photo op with Mr Mandela.

Jim says “He still has a spark in his eyes.”

The interviewer retorts, “He looks amazing for his age, right?”

Jim’s reply: “Yes…I mean…better than me.”

Such false modesty! You are much too beautiful! (says the gushing sycophantic fangirl)

Smiling Gifs – “Honeymoon” Bhoy

Deliriously happy, having just married Chrissie. The boy’s in love :-)))

Those cheeks! (The ones on his face! – Though, having said that…) I could pinch them! Lol

Smiling Gifs – A+ Lead Singer Syndrome

Charlie’s face, reaction and smile are brilliant.

Footage is from a documentary called the “Biggest Band Breakups and Makeups”. The presenter of the doc, Mark Radcliffe, had just mentioned an “illness” afflicting certain frontmen in music called “Lead Singer Syndrome”.

JK: Yeah, I think I got an A+ in “Lead singer syndrome”. It was my job!

Charlie’s reaction does have a dose of… “Damn right you did! Passed with flying colours, you did, Jim!” Lol

Smiling Gifs – Tube Interview 1982

Tube smiles :-)))

Smiling Gifs – “Ich liebe dich”, Dick

I know it’s not Kerrsday Thursday (so I will add some Charlie too – as he is the master of it!)…but today we need smiles.

This is one of my faves. Simple Minds on American Bandstand and Jim showing off his flirty techniques. Lol. The conversation between him and Dick Clark is so cute…

Jim having just explained that Simple Minds spent much of their early career touring mainland Europe and spending time away from Scotland (as Clark had asked him about how life in Scotland was).

DC: Do you speak any German?

JK: Erm…just, ‘Ich liebe dich’. [grins like a Cheshire cat]

DC: ‘Ich liebe dich’. That’s it. ‘I love you’. Yes indeed…mmm hmm. That’ll get you a long way…or into a lot of trouble.

Wonder how quickly he learned ‘Ti amo’ on that Italian school trip? Probably learned it on the first day (if he didn’t know it already). Outrageous flirt! Lol.