Assignment Result…

Well, it was a great year in music… ‘72. I wanted it to be something that took away some of the sting from missing the Tao gig, but it’s just added to it.

I was ssooo proud if this piece. But there we go. “Pride comes before a fall” – that’s what they say, right?

A normal person…who had to get an extension from having gone through Covid, would be more than happy with a 72 given the circumstances that they had around the assignment. Not me! I am hard on myself. Very hard. And a 72 does NOT feel good enough.

I know I am always bad with getting my results, but this feels worst yet. The critique makes sense and I understand what elements I have missed out on and feel angry at myself for missing them or just…not getting it.

So…what do I do next? Tackle philosophy AGAIN? Shit…I dunno!

Am I learning? Am I growing? I genuinely have no idea today…

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