A Day “Up The Trossachs” – Loch Tay – Loch Earn – Killin, St Fillans and All Things In Between.

A lovely day out while the weather was good. I’ll let all the photos and bits of video do the talking…

2 thoughts on “A Day “Up The Trossachs” – Loch Tay – Loch Earn – Killin, St Fillans and All Things In Between.

  1. Nice country side trip. extremely peaceful day for you. I very much enjoyed looking at the country side. And get the feel of the area there. Thank-you for that. You have been busy writing and I have enjoyed finally reading. Jim has had a very difficult non private life. It must be hard to have everyone view his most private and personal things. I sort of feel that from the look on his face. He has so many things he can say and so many things he can not depending on what management allows. And as for the woman in his life, I am sure he will always try to say only the best things. Pretty incredible don’t you think? Well it looks like you are going to see a lot of Simple Minds for 2022, I hope you have an incredible time. I may or may not get to travel to see them. Time will tell….

    • It’s a beautiful part of the country and it was perfect weather, so yes, a very good day. I am lucky to have such good days. I appreciate just how fortunate I am.
      As for the non-private life? Sadly, it seems to be the bargaining chip for….success in art. It is probably why I love an artist like Tracey Emin. She really does bear her soul. There is seemingly no boundaries and “no filter”. Beyond the actual art itself (I appreciate that her work is not to everyone’s taste)…. how she actually expresses herself and her life through her art I find extraordinary. I was genuinely moved to tears when I saw her exhibition several years back. She feels very human. I think she is incredibly brave and wonderful.
      The world needs more Tracey Emins! (As far as I am concerned anyway.)
      I am counting the days until March. I think I may end up a gibbering and blubbering mess in Paris. That’ll be fun for him, won’t it?! 😂😂😂😂

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