Win A Copy Of “Heart Of The Crowd“ SM Book!

Simple Minds are giving away a copy of the special edition copy of Heart Of The Crowd. To be in with a chance, check out the details on how to enter in this tweet, or see their FB page for details.

But be quick! Entries close next Friday, Feb 19th!

5 thoughts on “Win A Copy Of “Heart Of The Crowd“ SM Book!

  1. Bloody knew that you would know that. 🙂 They were playing that American(?) mix of PYAM for Kenny and some woman sent them a message saying its brilliant driving about Glasgow in the snow listening to Simple Minds and that’s what I was doing(driving) and she was right !!

    I was thinking this the other day( and you don’t have to publish this[Id probably be embarrassed if you did :)]) but Ive really rediscovered my love and interest of the band thanks to your enthusiasm and this blog. So…,keep it up my friend .

    • Hey, I do enough embarrassing stuff on here! Lol. You have to join me.
      Oh, Scott! Thank you! You don’t make me feel like I am an endless fruitloop. I am so grateful for you visiting here and leaving comments. I feel like you’re the only one listening. Lol
      So…YES! I am posting your comment because it’s special and it makes me happy.
      And, I got out for a bit yesterday in the snow. Driving through Auchinairn and seeing the Campsie Fells covered in snow – it was stunning! They have an amazing view of the hills from there.

  2. Why you think you deserve it? 🙂 Fucking hell , what a question. 🙂 Anyways…, They mentioned on the radio tonight that Kenny Hyslop will be 70 this weekend?? I never knew he was so much older than the rest of the band. Quite a difference when they were all early 20s and he’d be 30 at that time.
    I realise you probably already know this 🙂 hope you’re well . 🙂

    • Lol. Yeah. “I’m a REAL fan”…
      I think Kenny’s birthday’s on Sunday. I was aware of the age gap, yeah. I mean, he was in Slik all them years before not forgetting. He’s the only member in the band I have even half fancied apart from Jim. Lol.
      I love seeing images of them together and thinking “they’re nearly 10 years apart, and Jim looks the same age as Kenny!” 😂😂😂😂

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