It’s Fparks! Lol (Actually – Sparks)

Seeing as I feel as though I am best to stay here in the comfort of my own little webspace panic room, (and not feel like I am harassing Jim) then….

It does look good!

2 thoughts on “It’s Fparks! Lol (Actually – Sparks)

  1. Now there’s a blast from the past! When the Mael brothers started their pre Sparks band Halfnelson, JK was still in diapers! I used to run the Sparks fanclub in the Netherlands, way way back, when I was only a toddler myself.

    • Oh, that’s fab! I’m yet to see the documentary. Not sure if it is out yet. I definitely want to see it! Many bands and artists get the “unique” tag put to them – but there is just NOBODY else like Ron and Russell. ✋🏻✋🏻🤪🤪

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