Kerrsday Thursday – Hanging Around Ad Poster Bingo!

Had a day of playing “SM ad poster bingo” by visiting the areas on the list of billboard locations Ronnie Gurr gave me. I think I’ve found them all now. Also saw the Oscar Marzaroli exhibition at Street Level Photoworks on Trongate, as well as seeing a John Byrne exhibit next door. Had a lovely lunch too. And all with splendid company.

2 thoughts on “Kerrsday Thursday – Hanging Around Ad Poster Bingo!

  1. Thanks L, enjoyed that. I might have told you before but ‘Lanark’ is the only book I’ve read twice.,and I would never class myself as ‘ a reader ‘ but that book really hit a spot with me. Also saw the play adaptation at the Citz a couple of years back.
    Marzaroli’s photo’s are brilliant. Ive got a book of his work called ‘ Waiting for the Magic’. I think the title comes from him out driving , then pulling over to a view and stopping, and admiring the view ( camera in hand). HIs wife asked him what he was doing and he said ‘ waiting for the magic’..
    The thing that I love about all these old photographers is that they never had the luxury of viewing their shots instantly ,instead having to develop the prints in a darkroom. They really had to understand composition , exposure values etc in order to avoid wasting film. True masters of their craft.

    • Couldn’t agree more, Scott! And Oscar’s work is incredible. The exhibition is on until December…not sure the exact date it ends – might be the 20th. Will have to double check. But I’ll def. go back. And yes, you did tell me about Lanark being your only twice read book. I’d have loved to have seen the play. Another friend saw it as well and he also applauded it.

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