Jim Kerr Article – Uncut Magazine – January 2010

Something for Kerrsday. Sexiest Dick Whittington there (n)ever was! And I double checked with her – Virginia is adamant she didn’t notice his bum in the mirror when she took the photo. Lol

One thought on “Jim Kerr Article – Uncut Magazine – January 2010

  1. I really like this – the last 3 especially resonated.
    Glasgow 1987: I had the colour version of that on my wall for a while in ‘87. Loved it for the Glasgow skyline, and Charlie’s smile. Think I spent the next 2 years sewing patterned linings into my jackets, and rolling up the sleeves, lol.
    1997: At the time of Neapolis – I never thought of that 10 years as a wilderness period, but I can see where Jim is coming from when he says they were looking for a direction, and how these times were the more interesting for that. GNFTNW seemed all OTT rock excess, and Neapolis slick minimalism (nothing wrong with either!)
    2009: The last time I saw them live – an oddly muted gig at the SECC (horrid venue, which might have contributed), I had no idea about his injury – I’m guessing that probably contributed too.
    Roll on 2021, it’s been far too long!

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