An Hour Of Chinwagging I Wish Was Mine!

Oh, just…how I wish.

I just want to be able to talk to him! I know a ton of other fans do too. But A lot of them have had that opportunity. And…YES…it makes me absolutely fucking EVERGREEN with envy. It really does.

He just sounds so convivial and chatty and just…you know.

Above ALL the other stuff! All the rest of it…adoring him, fancying the pants off him, being in awe of him…there is the overriding thing of…he’s just genial. Warm and humorous … and… a bit of an embellisher – but, he’s great at it.

Yes…I had heard the stories before. Us diehards all have. But…what a story it is…and he tells it so good.

To my dying day I will wish to talk to him for more than a few minutes. Also will dream I mean something more to him than “just another fan” and also pray to whatever god will listen that he actually at least tolerates me and sees something amiable in me and doesn’t see me as a pest and a bore and just…a stupid woman. (That final look in Copenhagen.)

And now I will go and cry in a corner.

And maybe alter this post later.

And then get the audio posted here as soon as I have copied it off and downloaded it.

2 thoughts on “An Hour Of Chinwagging I Wish Was Mine!

  1. That was one thing I’d been wondering for a while, if Jim would ever write an autobiography. Sounds like he is .

    • I posted on the SM FB page shortly after listening to it saying to him “you’re NOT a writer?” LOL “What the bloody hell are you then?” He floor’s me when he exercises modesty. He’ll be bloody fastidious. He’s already responded to some fans who have asked “when is your book coming out Jim?” and he has replied “when it is good enough to publish.”
      I get a bit worried about it too though. I worry it could evoke in him a desire to hang up the mic cord.
      I dunno. These things I’m always in two minds about.
      Still wish I could just talk to him though. Silly mare. Lol

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