Ricky Ross Meets – Jim Kerr

And seemingly asks him the same old questions everyone else does. So let’s hear the story about “Don’t You” for the fifty gazillionth time! *rolls eyes*

I mean…YES, I’ll tune in and listen. Probably even record the thing so it stays here on the blog. Who knows? There might be a surprise or two? But…well, if Jim gets asked the same questions, he’s happy to respond with the his usual “stand-up routine” replies. You know…he’s a story-teller and he DEFINITELY embellishes things, that’s for sure!

Geez, it would be nice to be taken seriously sometimes though. I know I would die of cardiac arrest and would be a complete nervous wreck – just the thought of it!

But imagine the coup it would be if *I* could interview Jim for this blog? I was told in no uncertain terms that, when I asked and was brazen enough to try – the one time I did that “Jim and Charlie ‘don’t do’ blogs.” Which is crap – as Jim has been interviewed for PLENTY of music blogs.

I *HAVE* conducted interviews! Jaine Henderson, Bruce Findlay, Steve Jefferis of Warm Digits – I’d like to hope that these people would attest to my professionalism when conducting interviews.

YES, I’m not Billy Sloan or Conan O’Brien, but I can string a sentence together. And I think my questions that I’d pose to Jim could and would be interesting to fans.

But I know I will never be given the opportunity. Which sucks ass.

Oh, just me contemplating the notion makes me feel like a brazen and delusional idiot! But if you don’t have these kind of dreams and notions then…well, he’d say it…you might as well pack up and go home!

These bouts of delusion don’t last long with me and I end up coming to my senses. Oh, but just for today…let me dream I could be in Ricky’s shoes.

Anyway…details for the interview are below…



Ricky Ross Meets – Jim Kerr

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