New Gold Dream – Redux (Lyric Art)

Yeah, think I’m pretty much wanting to get the “redos” out the way first, before moving on to wholly new ones.

I’m unsure about this one. I started with the concept of a triptych of Jims (ie: new/gold/dream = Jim/Jim/Jim)…but…I dunno. I struggle to get yellows/golds as I want them to be. I’ll sit with it for a bit. 

Would like to know what he thinks…unless he thinks it’s shit. Lol. I think I have about a 1 in 30 so hit rate of REALLY inpressing him. I had a good run in the early days…and then it died away. I stopped doing them so much…shared them less often (too worried about being too “in your face” with it and too much of a pest)…and it wasn’t until Wall Of Love on Valentine’s Day of this year (some 10 months after his last repost to the main SMO wall), did he use one of my pieces in a post again.

A big old dry spell. I’m fully back into the swing, and have made a few redos already…and shared them on SMO…but I don’t want to bombard him with them. And….because I am ultimately unsure of this one, I’m more reluctant to share it. Maybe it is exactly the time TO share it, because I’m in doubt. Nothing to lose if he agrees, and everything to gain if he loves it…


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