Rejuvenation Box Set – Now As A 7CD/DVD Package

A bunch of bonus tracks and B Sides come with it including: from the Cry sessions, Lead The Blind, For What It’s Worth, The Garden, New Sunrise and Where Is The Max? (Never heard of this song before): From Black And White 050505, Bird On A Wire, Too Much Television and Mighty Joe Moon: With Graffiti Soul, the Searching For The Lost Boys bonus disc with added track, a cover of T-Rex’s Children Of The Revolution: on Big Music, a bonus of the collaboration with The Stranglers of (Get A) Grip (On Yourself) plus the Johnson Somerset Big Music 4 Track remix CD. Plus lots of visual content on the DVD, official videos, etc, etc.

Check the link for full details (you can also see full details through Simple Minds’ official social media channels).

The bonus material makes this a tempting investment. The cynic in me wonders why it was not released simultaneously with the vinyl box set. The vinyl package looked lovely, but I couldn’t afford to invest, as of yet.

It hits the shops March 29th (just in time for Brexit. Yay!), but is available to pre-order now. (Click the image to see more)

2 thoughts on “Rejuvenation Box Set – Now As A 7CD/DVD Package

  1. Hello! Greetings from Mexico. I was also intrigued by Where is the Max? I came across a song with the same name by Planet Funk. It’s an instrumental version of One Step Closer! Turns out they came up with the song before Cry and lyrics were later added. So I guess that’s it.

    • Hi Daniel,
      That is what I had subsequently heard about too. Thanks for the additional info and link to the Planet Funk instrumental. And thanks for checking out the blog 👍🏻😊

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