Black Dog

Everything but the last is present right now. And if all the others keep happening, I guess the final one is inevitable. I am fighting so hard not to let that happen right now.

For the people over the past 12 months who have wished it upon me, or expressed similar things upon me? You may just get your wish one day… but I am trying sssooo fucking hard not to give you the satisfaction!

Equally – for those who use the expression “no one died”? Well perhaps no one did. But also perhaps your insensitive “no one died” comment MAY just have someone reconsider trying to survive the day they just got through. Or perhaps…just perhaps…a vulnerable person will see it as a dare…

I know what needs to be done to get me through it. It’s just finding the strength…the will…the resolve to start.

2 thoughts on “Black Dog

  1. wishing you all the best pal. enjoy reading your posts and your artwork. keep up the very good work and look after yourself.

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