Hell’s Bells, Del!

When asked had I seen this photo of Jim performing his “signature move” (pre-altered by yours truly) I can honestly say that after a quick overall scan, the answer was “no”…but my eyes zeroed in on… NOT what you’d imagine …but on (Cherisse’s drum technician) Derek Paterson’s face. Lol. His face is priceless!

Apologies for not knowing who the photographer is. The photo was shown to me, and that person is also unaware of the photographer.

If it’s yours and you are unhappy with what I’ve done to the photo, I will remove it at once. But it is just meant to be a bit of harmless fun, and I am in no way taking credit for your photo, as you can see.

UPDATE: A subsequent re-posting of the photo on SMO by The Mister revealed the photographer to be Joakim Afzelius. Thanks for the retrospective permission of use, Joakim 😁


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