When To Quit

Am I too defeatist? When does persistence turn into impertinence? I don’t want to seem rude or impertinent. And then because I’m looking for an answer, I get overly focused on it, I guess.

And then, well, I appear ungrateful and wanting more than my share, etc. I dunno.

I am ALWAYS, ALWAYS conscious of how I appear in the eyes of others.

So sorry, Jim, if I seemed pushing or rude, arrogant, pressing, obnoxious. It’s just that endless desire to engage and talk. Enthusiasm spilling over again. I shall try to keep it in check. Of course you never have to answer anything you don’t want.

I just kept the blind persistence up because I didn’t want to have it forgotten (by me). Perhaps I should have stored it for future? I dunno.

And maybe you feel it too personal. I dunno…for whatever reason it is. Sorry.

I shall leave it a mystery. I find it perplexing and it shall have to remain so.

But I have NEVER tried to take any interactivity with you for granted. It is all so very precious to me. Always!


I have removed all incidences of the question from the wall, but left it in the original reply to Jim’s reply to me (it would take away my “thank you” if I were to remove that).

Sorry if I seem to bombard with daily questions. Time to retreat to my cave, I guess.

Nothing wrong in asking questions, though, is there? I mean…isn’t that how we learn?

Perhaps it would have been best for all had I remained blocked from SMO? Perhaps even best most of all for me? I’d have been truly devastated. I WAS!

I dunno. Don’t mind me. The fog is drifting in…

Anyway…moving on…

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