Memorabilia Mountain

Or should that be “memorabilia MOUNTING”?

I have made an acquisition for the first time in MONTHS! I’ve had Minds memorabilia collecting on hold for some time. And I’ve so desperately wanted to add things to my collection and share them here. This is just one thing, for now, and once it arrives in the post, I’ll scan it properly and share it here.

I haven’t spent much on it. But it was sought after for one: being an Oz music mag, but being sold by a UK seller and two: having pics of Jim in it that I’d not seen before. It’s a bit creased buy hopefully (even if I have to do it quite literally) I should be able to iron them out.

In a couple of weeks, I am visiting Virginia Turbett to put together another list of photos for printing. And this time it may not just comprise of SM *cough* Jim Kerr *cough* pics, but XTC, Bowie and Iggy pics too. But there are three photos of Jim that I definitely HAVE to peruse (ogle) again just…to double check them šŸ˜‰

I won’t be able to make the order for a little time off yet, but at least I will have made firm choices on what I want. All strictly for the PRIVATE collection, of course!

I plan to have SOME sizeable collection. I dare say after a while, only Virginia herself will house a larger collection of her photos – well, at least of Simple Minds…erm… and/or Jim, anyway.

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