He is just too beautiful…

I miss all my photos from Virginia. My shrine. I know how absolutely pathetic I sound! I’m not going to apologise.

Hate me all you like, Sir… but I love you 💕

This was the only way I had available to me to copyright protect it and share. My iPad Mini was taken from the rental van and that’s all my photo editing stuff gone ☹️


Memorabilia Mountain

Or should that be “memorabilia MOUNTING”?

I have made an acquisition for the first time in MONTHS! I’ve had Minds memorabilia collecting on hold for some time. And I’ve so desperately wanted to add things to my collection and share them here. This is just one thing, for now, and once it arrives in the post, I’ll scan it properly and share it here.

I haven’t spent much on it. But it was sought after for one: being an Oz music mag, but being sold by a UK seller and two: having pics of Jim in it that I’d not seen before. It’s a bit creased buy hopefully (even if I have to do it quite literally) I should be able to iron them out.

In a couple of weeks, I am visiting Virginia Turbett to put together another list of photos for printing. And this time it may not just comprise of SM *cough* Jim Kerr *cough* pics, but XTC, Bowie and Iggy pics too. But there are three photos of Jim that I definitely HAVE to peruse (ogle) again just…to double check them 😉

I won’t be able to make the order for a little time off yet, but at least I will have made firm choices on what I want. All strictly for the PRIVATE collection, of course!

I plan to have SOME sizeable collection. I dare say after a while, only Virginia herself will house a larger collection of her photos – well, at least of Simple Minds…erm… and/or Jim, anyway.

Priceless Prints

I am slowly building up a collection of Virginia Turbett prints, in varying ways, either via buying prints directly from Virginia herself, or by investing in a copy of a Hanging Around photo book featuring her work.

Below are the latest editions…


Vintage hand print of Jim Kerr backstage at the Odeon Theatre, Edinburgh 27/8/1981


Scanned print of Bruce Findlay at after show party post gig at Tiffany’s, Glasgow 19/11/1982

The print of Bruce will be a wondefully prized possession now the man himself has signed it.

And I only have about…ooh, maybe another 100 or so photos of Jim that I want to get. Lol. I have said to Virginia several times, and I am not lying when I say it…if I had the funds, I would buy every single photo of Simple Minds she’s ever taken.

I first saw this print of Jim when I visited Virginia in January. I just knew then that it HAD to be the next one I got. It’s taken a while…but at last! 🙂

*gushing lovesick fangirl moment approaching…look away now* He is beautiful!

If you are interested in buying prints from Virginia (seriously cannot recommend this lady’s work enough!) then visit: virginiaturbett.con

The final part of the set is the new Hanging Around photo book about to be released in the next couple of days of XTC on tour in New York City in 1980. Click on the image of the photo book to be taken to the Hanging Around site for purchasing details. Really looking forward to perusing the book.


Indebted To Simple Minds (Definition Open To Interpretation)

I love them. I do…and in particular Mr K…but…trying to catch up on nearly 40 years of “band” in just over three years is taking a financial toll. When you want to collect…desire growing memorabilia that actually means something to you, even though you weren’t there at the time for it to have the significance it may have for others. But these things still mean something to me also, even though I might not have been there.

All very lovely … but what price fandom?

New Acquisitions – Inc. Glittering Prize Laser Disc!!!

OH MY GOOD LORD! On the rarity scale of Simple Minds memorabilia…fewer things could be more highly prized (a GLITTERING PRIZE indeed!) than the Glittering Prize compilation on laser disc. Just…wow! Was almost as much as a house mortgage…but hey ho! 

The Good News From The Next World vinyl is STILL shrink wrapped and unplayed! 

And the Graffiti Soul vinyl is in excellent condition. 

It really was a big spend out…but the last I will be making for some time. I am sssooo happy with my goodies 🙂

These babies complete the “Themes” slim case singles that when I got my job lot box of SM goodies, had a few gaps (just 3 discs missing). All filled up now :-))