Has The Façade Dropped Again?

He has always written so beautifully. A genuine wordsmith. Someone whose way of writing I will always admire.

But…are they just words? Has the humility returned? I don’t understand the “shedding” mentality whilst it coexists with genuine mournfulness and degrees of regret.

I regret the things I said whilst still feeling just in expressing my opinion, wanting my voice to be heard and standing by my principles. I still believe that I could have worded things differently. Better.

I still wish you a good gig tonight. And for those there to still enjoy themselves. I will never wish you any ill will.

Deep inside…I probably will never stop adoring you…but there is part of you so tainted to me right now…

”I can’t see the road for the tears”…



Simple Minds began touring France as early as 1980, but perhaps the person mentioned they first met in 1982?


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