Aix-Les-Bains – Day One

I traveled most of the afternoon and into the evening to get here – and as far as the beauty of the town and the scenery goes…it was definitely worth the effort!

I even managed to listen to a few Simple Minds tracks on the way from Geneva to Chambery – and without being reduced to tears… though it nearly happened several times.

The landscape just suited hearing This Earth That You Walk Upon – and it took me back to February and the joy I felt hearing it played live. Watching Jim feeling exactly the way I felt when it would start to play.

I pray I can enjoy tomorrow. I’m sure he doesn’t miss it OR me at all…but I miss telling him how much I am looking forward to a gig. The excitement bubbling up as you get nearer to the venue and nearer the time. Just to be able to share one or two pics on SMO to show how gorgeous Aix is would have been wonderful.

But it’s all gone 🙁 All that wonderful interactivity…gone.


Anyways…here are a few pics from today’s travel…

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