Roll ‘VT’?

And when I say ‘VT’, I don’t mean Virginia Turbett. I am referring to a new song that was performed in Freiburg on Friday night. A song off the new album?

Strange, for when it came to Walk Between Worlds, they kept things very close to their chests. I don’t think they were like that as much for Big Music. Pretty sure Liaison and Big Music – the track itself – both got live airings before the album’s release. And we’ve been getting performances of The Walls Came Down at soundchecks and Jim has said it’s on the album.

My ‘wingman’ on the ground – Birdy, who was at Friday’s gig didn’t even think to record even a smidge of the song! I know! I need to sack her! 😂😂😂 She hasn’t even been able to confirm what it’s called for me – “Vital … something”. Yep, thanks Birdy!

Well it obviously begins with T – Truth? Talk? Testicles? Tongue? Take? Transit? Transcend? (That’s a favourite word of His Kerrness.) Though “Vital Transcend” makes no grammatical sense….

More to the point, being able to hear just a snippet would be nice. I’m sure someone out there has something. Doesn’t help to be running a loose “Simple Minds” themed blog and be so set adrift from the fandom. Oh, well. Hey ho!

I’m sure more details will be forthcoming as and when. In the meantime I keep checking YouTube for new clips and I have to say that the lack of footage from Freiburg on YT is rather telling! Conspicuous by its absence.

The plot thickens…

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