I always get very, very excited when previously poor quality video clips of Simple Minds TV performances seemingly get aired by the TV channels concerned…archived and preserved wonderfully and those clips get shown again to then be uploaded to YouTube in improved quality.
Most things back in the late 70s/early 80s were still shot on film rather than video so the are preserved well.
Take last week, for example. A clip of SM on Folllies (yes, I subsequently learned the show is spelled with THREE L’s) performing Factory was uploaded to YouTube in FANTASTIC condition. I watched it over and over. Not the BEST performance by the boys of the song…but just such precious footage…and Jim is just captivating and glorious. Just wow!
And it just makes me want to make art. Soak up every detail. Capture the best stills from the clip and experiment and just make things. Yeah, it probably just gives me the ultimate excuse to ogle. Lol
But I like to think it inspires and gets me being creative. Ignites the spark again.
It also allows me to make art whilst not having to spend a small fortune, or fear infringing photographer’s copyright.

And how I still wish, that just for ONE SHOW, I’d be allowed to take my uber semi-pro cam with me to shoot a bunch of really great photos of my own that I could use. Dream, dream, dream…


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