Minds Music Monday – Careful In Career, Live – Tiffany’s, 1981

A bridge version split somewhere between the demo that can be sampled on Silver Box and what gets recorded for the Sister Feelings Call album…this is the only known live recording of SM performing Careful In Career.

A song that I feel is vastly underrated within the SM canon.

A pity it is so under-appreciated and mostly forgotten. Never even warranted a live airing during the 5×5 Tour. Why is it my most hallowed Minds tracks are tracks that have very rarely or NEVER been performed live?

Careful In Career has an expression and intensity to it on a par with things like Premonition, Factory, This Fear Of Gods, Today I Died Again, Thirty Frames A Second…and yet it is left to languish.

To quote the lyric “it’s a shame”.

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