Kerr Crash

Just…trying things. Not much else to do. Feel really very out of sorts, so I might as well rest…maybe it’ll make it shift quicker if I take proper rest? NO OVER-EATING THIS TIME! No temptation to “feed my cold” (if indeed this IS a cold and still not a horrendous chest infection). Having said that, it being Friday, I had fish and chips and then had some ice cream…OOPS. I had porridge for breakfast. I at least STARTED healthy…

Anyways, here’s some girly shrine art that wiled away the hours…

(Yes, it even has ‘papillon’ on it…BITE ME! – For balance, there is a nipple on display, somewhere. Lol. And, YES, I used visuals from Promised You A Miracle and melded them with lyrics from Glittering Prize. Again, BITE ME! Look at the pretty butterflies and overlook the love hearts. *I’m 47* – he makes me feel 12 again…what can I say? *shrugs* – having said that…thinking about what I was like at 12…it wasn’t all butterflies and love hearts) 😬🤐🤐🤐🤐

Sycophancy Nancy

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