The Signal And The Noise…AND THE DRAMA

This is how listening to The Signal And The Noise for the first time has left me feeling…

Just….the drama of it! Full of atmosphere, dark…a real “hark back” in sound for me. Some don’t hear it…but I do! Worried about it lyrically initially. It was the music that grabbed me this time…I need to hear it a few more times for the lyrics to sink in and get the full feeling of them. They were harder to detect on this…Jim is singing at a deeper register on this than on Magic. Deeper and softer, in a way…so it was harder to pick things up. But hell…it sounded FLIPPING AWESOME!

I REALLY HOPE it’ll be on the “listen again” recording of the show on iPlayer Radio…I’ll be an inpatient, tempestuous child for a whole week if not!


Hopefully the link to Steve Lamacq’s show will have it on playback…

But for now…in my ears there is just the fading remnants of THE SIGNAL AND THE NOISE….

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