Minds Music Monday – King Is White – Get Set For Summer, 1982

Jim has decided to slick his hair back in this, making for an interesting barnet.

It’s a curious choice to play live, esp. on tellybox. One can only assume they did PYAM on the show too? Pretty sure this is the very same show in which Jim pretends to whack Peter “f**king” Powell on the head with a microphone. Maybe he was thinking back to it at the 3 minute mark? Because in quick succession we get both a “smuggins” then “cheeky AF” expressions across his face. Oh, geez…I COULD EAT HIM!!

The ending is interesting. I don’t think I ever heard Jim sing those lines before or since…but given the time of the performance (pre-summer 1982), King Is White is still being recorded, and possibly the vocal is yet to be finalised in the studio.

Anyways, enjoy!

(PS: The “Birdy” still came from this…you might spot it somewhere…)

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