Lady Grinning Soul

Quite possibly the most sensual Bowie song there is. It just…expresses desire like no other song can. It isn’t about sex…other Bowie songs do that (She Shook Me Cold, for example…that’s about nothing else)…it’s about love-making, physical contact, the senses, foreplay. And it’s musically exotic…Spanish guitars…there’s a heat and sultriness to it musically because of those sounds.

I always visualise a “scene” taking place in a low lit room. I see the canasta game, eye contact, a chaise longe over in the corner, a mix of heavy velvet curtains and wispy muslin ones…a hand touching a full, ample yet pert breast…

I would love to make videos of the things I see with some songs. It’s like my own videos play out in my mind. I know some people experience synesthesia when listening to music. A good friend of mine does…to the extreme that she has to be careful when going to concerts as a strong synesthesia episode can cause her to be physically sick. At times I wish to experience this synesthesia but perhaps when not as strong as her episodes can be.

I do wonder if people see their own…music videos…shall we say, like I do.

Anyway….I made this one several months back because I love the song so…and because I was trying to get away from being “Kerr-sed” and doing so many SM pieces. One day I’ll run out of songs and inspiration…and then there’ll be David. Dear, sweet, David ❤️

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