Lyric Of The Day – David Bowie – Lady Grinning Soul

I posted it on the Simple Minds Facebook page with following words…

I’m not always being a silly nincompoop! (Yes…no one believes it.) And not all of my artworks are Simple Minds related (I know! Who’d have thunk it? Granted…it is rare.)
All that beautiful David Bowie stamp collection stuff, and sending out those postcards with little lyrical quotes…esp. from Hunky Dory, “Heroes” and Aladdin Sane (as is the case here) had me thinking about Lady Grinning Soul.
Another song I find incredibly sensual. I must be in the mood to be highlighting lyrics from the more…”seductive” side of things. (Celebrate…now this! I may be the only person who finds sensuality in a song like Celebrate – but surely not of Lady Grinning Soul?!)
I wanted to find an image to express visually the lines and when I saw David in this outfit, it was a perfect fit – visually expressive without overstepping boundaries or being too…”adult” (dare I use the P word?).
Perhaps the message is simply a “make love not war” one.
After the events of the past 12 hours…we just need love.
Love not fear.

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